About Us


About MixMyOwn.com

MixMyOwn.com is an American-based company developed to help customers create a customized healthy breakfast granola/muesli mix by providing a variety of nearly 100 nutritious, all-natural, organic, unprocessed, no sugar, no preservatives, and Non-GMO ingredients.

Our Mission:

MixMyOwn.com is committed to helping customers enjoy healthy snacking options. But it’s more than just a cereal; it’s a healthy attitude too. By educating customers on healthy choices and ways to enjoy a better lifestyle, we wish to spread the word while spreading good health.

Who are we?

We are Klara and David, a young couple from Europe (now living in USA) who decided to turn our passion for breakfast foods and healthy living into an innovative new business. We developed a custom mixed cereal business because we enjoy a healthy lifestyle and love nutritional breakfast cereals of many kinds (except for those that are covered in sugar, colored by artificial colors, and packed with added fat). We choose healthy, all-natural options every day. This is why breakfast is our favorite meal of the day:

If you have any feedback for us, just write us and let us know! Or send gifts. We like those too – and so does Canto, our adorable Chihuahua!

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“Healthy Food Find! 'MixMyOwn' is clever and delicious. From ordering to eating, the experience was seamless and scrumptious. It's a treat worth checking out."
Joy Bauer MS, RD, CDN, the nutrition/health expert for NBC's TODAY show and New York Times bestselling author, www.joybauer.com

“Just got in my MixMyOwn.com bag. Can´t wait to try these mixes out with my greek yogurt. This site is great, you can mix and make your own cereal using ingredients you like! I already have some good recipes I´m thinking up.“
Amber Day, National level bikini competitor, fitness model, personal trainer, and wellness coach 

“I was SO excited when I discovered www.mixmyown.com, an awesome site where you can create your own healthy breakfast cereal to suit your needs and tastes. You will never have to dig through a box of cereal again to find your favorite morsels or to remove things you don’t like.“
Kristin McGee, Celebrity Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Expert, www.kristinmcgee.com

“MixMyOwn is a genius website that lets you create your very own muesli mix from the healthiest and most unique list of ingredients.“
Bianca Jade, fitness trend expert, sportswear stylist, TV personality, and women's active lifestyle blogger at www.mizzfit.com

“I was able to create my own breakfast cereal last week using the website MixMyOwn. I got it on Saturday and it’s already gone! So good.“
Sarah Dussault, certified personal trainer, health & fitness guru and healthy living blogger at www.sarahfit.com

“Breakfast has definitely become my favorite meal of the day thanks to MixMyOwn. I’m getting excited for tomorrow morning just thinking about it!”
Rebecca @ www.fitapproach.com

“The concept is fantastic, the ingredient choices are high-quality, healthy and varied, and the packaging is super cute and personal. I especially love the “Laura’s Mix” title on the back along with the easy re-order QRC code.“
Laura Williams @ www.girlsgonesporty.com

“MixMyOwn is a great breakfast option to add to your routine. I definitely always get in a rut of eating the same thing as many of you know, so this is a nice change up that I can add to my Greek yogurt and smoothies. High-Fives!”
Katie Uhran,  certified personal trainer, certified performance enhancement specialist, certified yoga instructor and fitness blogger at www.sherocksfitnesstx.com

“It was so much fun to be able to design a healthy breakfast that was totally my own.”
Lindsay Livingston, registered dietitian, nutrition coach and healthy living blogger at www.theleangreenbean.com

“It’s the perfect lower sugar, gluten free, cereal to snack on. I mixed freeze dried fruit, mac nuts, GF oats, hemp seed, and more. Highly recommend ordering some if you want a custom cereal made. And it´s pretty affordable for all those super ingredients!”
Lindsay Cotter, nutrition manager/fitness consultant, and blogger at www.cottercrunch.com

“My order arrived SO quickly, super important for something perishable. Of course I dove right in to my mix when it arrived. The verdict? Delicious! Definitely not as sweet as most cereals out there, but that’s what I wanted. There was just enough sweetness from all the fruit, but also a ton of crunchy goodness from all the seeds, nuts, and the base itself.”
Becki Ledford, certified personal trainer and  healthy living blogger at www.fightingforwellness.com

“Isn’t the packaging cute? -I have created my healthy breakfast on mixmyown.com.-I love it! I do think it´s a good deal too because a lot of the items are expensive! Goji berries are considered a superfood, but I never buy them because they are pricy so I was happy to be able to add them. So much goodness!“
Lindsay Itzkowitz, healthy living blogger at www.itzlinz.com