What Is Muesli and Why It Is the Best Breakfast Option?


Muesli is a traditional Swiss/German breakfast food. It has a very interesting history! This breakfast food was “invented” by a Swiss doctor Maximilian Bircher-Benner for the patients in his hospital more than hundred years ago. This doctor was way ahead of his time!

He believed that nutrition played a huge role in healing. He created this cereal made of primarily cut oats and fruit after tasting something similar during a trip through the Swiss Alps. Today of course we know how important it is to have a healthy breakfast and what a huge role that healthy breakfast plays in overall health but in 1900 the year Muesli was created as a breakfast food this was quite the radical idea.

In modern times Muesli gained popularity again in the 1960’s when people started becoming more health conscious and the interest in vegetarianism spiked.

Authentic Muesli

There are some grocery store options for classic Muesli but they pale in comparison to authentic Muesli. Most grocery store options are chock full of fillers, added fats and added sugars. This of course was not the intent of the founder of this healthy breakfast food.

Authentic Muesli is made from rolled oats! It is not made with other unnecessary ingredients. The whole point of eating this healthy breakfast food is so that you can add the other ingredients that you prefer like fruit and nuts.

It is traditionally served warm as oatmeal, but there is no need for cooking. Muesli can be just soaked with either fruit juice or milk or eaten with a yogurt.

The Health Benefits

Starting your day with a bowl of Muesli is the perfect way to start your day. This high fiber grain based cereal will give your body the energy it needs to face the world. It will keep you feeling full until lunch time!

You can add fresh fruits, nuts and other grains to really make this a power house full of vitamins kind of breakfast.

It tastes great and is oh so good for you when you purchase it from the right source. offers organic Muesli base options that you know are all natural and void of any fillers or added fats and sugars. Or you can buy our popular Classic Muesli pre-mix.

Knowing that you are getting the right food for your body that can easily help you improve your health gives you the peace of mind that everyone needs! Feed your family this delicious traditional breakfast food for good health! 


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