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Pre Mixes

Our FAVORITE recipe has been blended for your pleasure and convenience.
Popular premixes can also be customized! If you want to change or add any component, just click ADJUST TO YOUR FOUNDATION.

Fitness Mix

A powerful mixture for your workout, complete with complex carbohydrates, proteins and fat burning ability of flax seeds. Power up while you lose weight with our Fitness Mix!

Classic Muesli

The traditional Swiss-style muesli, invented by Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a pioneer in Swiss nutrition research, has been a Bircher-Muesli for over a hundred years.

Strawberry Almond Mix

David’s favorite crunchy and healthy breakfast blends double doses of incredibly delicious sweet lyophilized strawberries and natural almonds. Enjoy a tight squeeze every bite!

Tutty Nutty

A rich experience of the breakfast bowl! This is an incredibly crispy mixture containing omega-3 oil, protein, antioxidants and vitamins. Every bite enjoys austerity!

Gluten-free Mix

Eat on a gluten-free diet? Don’t compromise the taste! Our premium blend ingredients provide ingredients that make breakfast delicious and healthy without gluten.

Kids Mix

Nutrition and deliciousness are enough for any child to ask for more! This healthy breakfast will provide your child with the nutrients and energy they need to spend a good day at school or in the game!